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Feng Shui adjustment 

  Feng shui is most considered at balance of the five elements: Gold , Water, wood, Fire, Soil ,Nature has unrecognizable magnetic fields and orientations. When the five elements of human beings are combined with the five elements of nature, there will be situations of mutual birth and mutual gram, and the situation in the five elements: Gold , Water, wood, Fire, Soil,  , We understand that the mutuality and mutuality of all things have their quantitative limits. If they are helpful, they must also have destructive power. They also test the saying: "The law of "future and disasters depend on each other" can't play a role when the quantity is small. Counter-effects, this is the principle that can not be ignored in the study of magnetic field science, not only to find the best magnetic field of the individual, the most suitable orientation, but also to pursue the perfection of the five elements of life and space, this is our research feng shui The ultimate goal of learning.



Emotional marriage

Anyone has an innate husband and wife palace. From this house, you can know what type of ideal object you have in your life. Although the ideal object has appeared, it may not be achieved, so it must be analyzed in accordance with the operation. In different journeys and years, the objects of understanding and communication are inevitably different. At this time, numerology can explore what kind of objects are related in the year. With the opportunity, and then with the other party's conditions to enter, want to be happy and happy marriage, it should be possible.


Fortune Telling


      Science and technology are increasingly developed, and society is becoming more and more civilized. However, when people encounter setbacks or difficulties, they often ask for help instead of the crystallization of human wisdom, but the intangible religion and the mysterious principle of life.


     Most people have tried fortune-telling, and the tastes are different, and the answers may differ from each other. The method of life includes all kinds of hand, face, eight characters (sub-flat), purple micro-counts, measuring words, touching bones, etc. If these fortune-telling methods are subdivided, the unique conditions of the individual, such as the palm, face, and physique (bone phase), can be used to infer the good fortune of the individual's life, and also use the year, month, day, and hour of birth to be converted into fortune-telling tools. Because everyone has different looks and physiques, because these are all except the person, there is no one in the world with the same conditions, to use this unique condition to infer the unique destiny of the individual (no one in the world has the same fate) This principle of life can be accepted in principle.

     As for its accuracy, it can only be based on the skill and the line of the priests. If the answer is not accurate, it can only be blamed for the lack of academic skills. The fortune-telling method we are going to explore here is to use each person’s birth year, month, day, and hour to convert this hour (one hour is two hours) into a fortune-telling method of fortune-telling tools, including a thousand-year-old and long-lasting The fading son is flat and the number is purple.

These two kinds of fortune-telling techniques are methods of inferring fate from the time of birth. First of all, we should think about how many people in this world were born at the same time in the same month of the same year. According to UN statistics, in the two hours, the average number of children born around the world is about 30,000, and about eighty-five in Taiwan. These people are roughly divided into men and women, that is, at the same time, there are an average of nearly 15,000 people on the earth, and nearly forty people in Taiwan are born at the same time. Converting these people's common births into sub-flat characters or purple micro-numbers, they all have the same eight-character or purple micro-numbers, that is, a life or a character, in fact, there are so many people, Not just a single person.

Some people say that the Chinese invented the Chinese language mathematics, this method of fortune-telling is only applicable to Chinese or Taiwanese. I personally think that this kind of statement cannot be established, and people who say such words are also ignorant of Chinese studies. One plus one in mathematics is equal to two. Taiwanese, Chinese, American, or African blacks are always equal to two. An academic establishment, if it can only be used by Chinese or Taiwanese, then it is not qualified to be called academic, it is not worth learning and discussion, and it is not worth carrying forward.

Although there are so many people with the same horoscope or chart, it is well known that their fate will never be the same. Anything in the world can be counted, but fate cannot be counted. From ancient times to the present, no one has the same fate. Without the same conditions, statistics for numerology is useless. From this point we can also understand that the same fate and eight characters will have different fates. Then the current priests usually take the platter or the eight characters and the iron mouth is broken. Excuse me, is this destiny that has been inferred by the sects of the sect, which one of the more than 30,000 people who are born at the same time? We use the scientific vision to test the numerology algorithm, which can pass the logic test.

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